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Statistics Server Virtual Server IP & Domain Exclusions
The "IP and Domain Exclusions" dialog is used to clean up referrer statistics that refer across your Web site. This means all "Aliases Used by the Web Site" should be listed, otherwise the Web site itself will be the number one referrer. Any referring alias listed here will not be included in statistics gathered for this Web site.

This option lets you exclude traffic such as Web designers and administrators from Statistics reports. When their IP Address is entered here, statistics for them will not be tracked.


IPAddresses to Phantom from Statistics Individual IP Addresses or ranges of IP Addresses can be excluded from statistics reports. Examples of allowable exclusions. i.e. 10.10.10.* or
Note: Class C ranges are the maximum supported.
Aliases Used by Web Site Aliases or Domain Names used by the Web site. Be sure to include all possible aliases for all IP Addresses excluded. i.e. xyz.com & www.xyx.com