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Statistics Server Virtual Server - IP Watches
IP Watches are used to watch any IP Address or range of IP Addresses that visit the Web site. Complete user sessions for the specific IP or IP range are logged. The resulting log will include, date, time and every hit made on the Virtual Server.

To Create a New IP Watch

  1. Select "Watches/Create New Watch/New IP Watch".


  2. To watch a single IP Address a fully defined IP address such as is required.

    To watch a Range of IP Addresses a partially defined IP address such as 10.10.10.* is required. In this example any hosts in the 10.10.10 network would be included in the watch.

    IP Watches support wildcards in the IP Address. An asterisk "*" matches an unlimited number of characters, and a question mark "?" matches a single character.


    Keep Detailed Log If checked, a detailed log is kept showing every request made. If not checked, no log is kept, however totals are still tabulated and days are counted.
    Suspend Watch If checked, watching is suspended. No log is kept, totals are not tabulated and days are not counted.