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Statistics Server - Virtual Server New URL Content Manager
The URL Content Manager is used to filter Web pages for "Pages by" reports in the Live Stats interface. Pages can be:
  1. Excluded completely from reports.
  2. Renamed for display.
  3. Forwarded to a different page name.
The URL Content Manager can be used to:
  • Filter out dynamically generated pages. On sites where each page is given a unique name, wildcards can be used to filter and forward dynamic pages to page names of your choice.
  • Filter out pages that you don't want other users of the Live Stats interface to know about, such as a private members area, private file area, specific pages.
  • Group pages under one name. For example, on sites with many white papers, you might choose to view statistics by topic.

New URL Manager


  1. This example will exclude all pages named using two unknown characters followed by "private" with any extension from all "Pages by" reports.

  1. This example will forward all dynamically named price quotes for model 109 to a page titled "model109_pricequote.htm".