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Statistics Server - Virtual Server URL Watch

URL Watches are used to track how often a particular URL, CGI gateway or resource on the Web server is accessed. The IP Address of every user who accesses the resource is logged.

The resulting log will include, date, time, IP Address and resolved name, state and country if available.

To Create a New URL Watch:

  1. Select "Watches/Create New Watch/New URL Watch".


  2. URL Watches can be used to track how often a Web page, GIF, file or CGI is accessed. The example shown here is tracking a download page. Note that relative URLs are used; not full URLs.


    Keep Detailed Log If checked, a detailed log is kept showing every request made. If not checked, no log is kept, however totals are still tabulated and days are counted.
    Suspend Watch If checked, watching is suspended. No log is kept, totals are not tabulated and days are not counted.

Some examples of valid URL Watches:


DOS path to the HTML file Relative URL
c:\inetsrv\wwwroot\default.htm /
c:\inetsrv\wwwroot\thanks.htm /thanks.htm
c:\inetsrv\wwwroot\filessample.exe   /files/sample.exe
The database shown here is called using the question mark (?) CGI operator with the open (o_products) parameter. /database/db.dll?o_products