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Statistics Server - Watches

Statistics Server supports three different Watch types. They provide an easy way to measure inbound IP traffic, page impressions and Web advertising click throughs in detail.

IP Watches

IP Watches are used to watch any IP Address or range of IP Addresses that visit the Web Site. Complete user sessions for anyone from a specific IP or IP range can be logged. Use to:

  • Keep an eye on what your competitors are looking at when they come to your site.
  • Gather detailed information on a malicious user from a specific IP address.
URL Watches

URL Watches are used to track how often a particular URL, CGI gateway or resource on the Web site is accessed. The IP Address of every user who requests the resource can be logged. Use to:

  • Keep track of the number of impressions a banner advertisement on your Web site generates.
  • See what companies are downloading a specific file on your Web site.
Click Thru Watches

Click Thru Watches are used to measure inbound or outbound click throughs. This is most often used to watch advertising being sold or purchased. They can also be used to track any link within the Web site. Use to:

  • Track how many people are still using your old Web site to access your new site.
  • Measure how often a link on another Web site sends traffic to your site (requires modification of the URL on the other site).