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Welcome to our "Live Statistics Server" - Real Time Software For Your Website.

Statistic server is included in most web hosting plans. Our Statistics Server is far more than just another log analyzer. It analyzes Web site traffic in "Real-time" and

generates "Live Stats" reports in an easy to use Web interface. It includes many specialty reports and up to 1 full year of historical data that can be queried live 24/7. With our Statistics Server tracking, analyzing your website traffic is easy, fast providing detailed reports,
  • How many users visit your Web site every day, every week, or every month.
  • Who are they.
  • Where do they come from.
  • What pages do they enter on, exit on and visit longest.
  • How's today shaping up.
  • Who's on right now.
  • What part of your site is most popular.
  • Search engine tracking
  • What search engines are people using to find your site.
  • What keywords do people use to find your site.

The ability of our Statistics Server is to deliver Live Web statistics for high volume installations which has made it an essential component of many Internet businesses, companies and Intranet Websites.

Bob Zelna A Final Host Member

Final Host is the best host I have ever used. Their customer service and tech support can only be described as world class. With Final Host, you are dealing with real people who actually CARE about you as a person and as a customer.

I am especially impressed with their statistical tracking for my web site. They offer far more than the traditional hit counter. I think that the data they provide me will be a useful developmental tool for the site. In addition, the scripts, image libraries and search engine listing service are really super. The services offered by Final Host as part of the regular hosting packages makes choosing Final Host a "no brainer". I am sure that I have found MY Final Host and will personally be moving a number of sites to their service in the coming months. Thanks a million to the staff at Final Host!

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Statistics Server Report Interface - How To Analyze Use Your Detailed Reports

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Virtual Server Administration

Statistic Reports

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    Client Comments Marketing Services Engine Optimization Add Google AdSense Listserv Manager Statistics Analyzer
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