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Managed Dedicated Services

    Windows PlatformWindows Platform  -  Request Quote Linux Platform: Request a quote - Request Quote Custom Built Server: Request a quote
   Server Specs
DELL PowerEdge 1850
XEON 3.0 Ghz / 1 MB Cache, 800 Mhz FSB
1024 MB DDR2 RAM
2 x 73 GB SCSI (RAID 1)
50GB Bandwidth
Windows 2003

$395.00 / mo
   Server Management Either By You Or Final Host Staff
Server Management (Our Staff: $75.00 per hour)
Managed DNS
Full administrative access
Ongoing setup of Websites (IIS)
OS Reinstallations
Ongoing setup of Statistics Packages (Web Stats)
Server Reboots
Port monitoring

Completely Customizable Hardware Configurations
Industry leading 1-Hour Hardware Replacement with money-back guarantee

Security Features
Pre-emptive Microsoft Security Patching - Updates Free
Enable Internet Connection Firewall

Email Features
Mail Enable

24x7 Live Dedicated Support Team

Data Center Infrastructure
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   Included Installed Software
MDAC 2.8, VBScript 5.6, Internet Explorer 6.0, SP 1, Microsoft XML 4.0, SP 2, Zip Utilities,
.NET Framework v1.0 & v1.1
   Recommended Add-ons
   Questions e-mail: sales@finalhost.com or order securely online  
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