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Database Hosting FAQ
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Database Hosting FAQ

What databases does Final Host support?

Final Host Windows platform support Microsoft Access 97/2000/02 & ODBC 2000/02 is available on Windows 2000 servers, included in every main hosting plan



What is a DSN? 

DSN, which stands for data source name, is a method of connecting to a database via ASP (Active Server Page). DSN connections require ODBC, an open standard for API for accessing databases. ODBC handles requests and converts them into requests that the individual database systems understand.



What is a DSN-less connection?

A DSN-less connection is a method of connecting to a database without specifying a named data source. DSN-less connections donít require the creation of an ODBC DSN. Instead of relying on information stored in a file or in the system registry (as DSN connections do), DSN-less connections specify the driver name and all driver-specific information in the connection string.



How do I connect to my database?

Upload your MS Access database in the database folder. Create a DSN in your asp script mention this DSN name to connect to your Access database. Members can request the DSN set up via our members area



Does Final Host provide technical support for databases?

Final Host will help you connect to your database and assist you in troubleshooting database issues. We do not, however, assist you with building your databases.



How many DSN connections do I get with my hosting account?

This depends on your hosting plan details. Under the plan that you are interested in / or have, take a look at "Advanced Features" that will tell you how many DSN connection you are allowed with your plan.



Does my E-commerce site need a database hosting?

Chances are you do need database hosing for your E-commerce site, our web-hosting plans gives you database access. Most ecommerce sites are labor intensive websites that require application resources. If you are unsure that you will require this feature please email: support@finalhost.com



What is Load balancing?

All of our hosting services are connected to the Internet in multiple ways using a variety of carriers and network providers. This "load balancing" eliminates most common network and downtime issues caused by congestion, and failure. If one of our network routes becomes "unhealthy", our network immediately and automatically switches connectivity links to use a healthy route which eliminates packet loss and downtime. This "connectivity switching" actually happens frequently, yet is completely invisible to our customers.



Do you support ASP?

Yes, we support ASP (active server pages).



Is there any additional fee for using ASP?

No, there is no additional fee for using ASP.



How much space do I have for my database?

That depends on the hosting plan that you choose. The amount of space that is provided in your hosting plan provides space for database, email space, website space etc... If you are having problems estimating the web space that is required for your site please contact us and we will have a look.


    Client Comments Supported Services Products & Services About Final Host Guaranteed Hosting Support Center
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