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Domain Name FAQ
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Domain Name Registration FAQ

What Is The Procedure For A New Domain?

When an account is activated with a new domain name, we will automatically setup your domain name on our web server & DNS servers. Network Solutions charges a domain name fee, however to register is free. Be sure to use your company/your contact for administration and billing information. Payment must be made by credit card at the time of purchase. If you wish to pre-register your domain name the URL is:


or use the form at the top of this webpage.



What does it mean to "register" a domain name?

The Internet domain name system (DNS) consists of a directory, organized hierarchically, of all the domain names and their corresponding computers registered to particular companies and persons using the Internet. When you register a domain name, it will be associated with the computer on the Internet you designate during the period the registration is in effect.



Will my name & contact be publicly available?

Yes. Information about who is responsible for domain names is publicly available to allow rapid resolution of technical problems and to permit enforcement of consumer protection, trademark, and other laws. The registrar will make this information available to the public on a "Whois" site.



When do I have to pay for my domain name?

Before your domain name becomes active, you must provide a credit card number. This requirement enhances the availability of domain names by preventing them from being tied up by persons not intending to pay for registration.



Can I change registrars after registering a domain name?

In the members control panel you will find " Sign up account features" form to make submissions of all add-ons or simply just drop us an email: support@finalhost.com with your customers requirements.



Do you handle international domains?

Yes, you may change the registrar sponsoring your domain name at any time more than sixty days after initial registration. For details on the transfer process, contact the registrar you would like to assume sponsorship of the registration.



Can I change registrars after registering a domain name?

Yes, you may change the registrar sponsoring your domain name at any time more than sixty days after initial registration. For details on the transfer process, contact the registrar you would like to assume sponsorship of the registration.



Can I transfer an existing domain name & will there be down time?

Reference: Transfer your domain to Final Host. Whether you place an order by telephone or via our online order form, be sure to specify that you are requesting a transfer and NOT a new domain. You should keep your service at your present host while waiting for Network Solutions to update their records & completes the transfer. We will provide you with a temporary web  address so you can upload your website to our servers. Web pages can be accessed from the temporary address as well; your current address until propagation takes place, usually within 24-48 hours.

If your domain name has been registered through a registry other than Network Solutions, upon signup our support department will send instructions on the transfer procedure of your registry.



Can I access my domain name with & without the WWW?

Yes, you will be able to access the domain name with or without the WWW in front. For example, you could access your site by going to "www.your-domain.com" as well as "your-domain.com".



Whom shall I contact regarding InterNIC billing?

Questions regarding Network Solutions billing can reach by calling (703) 742-4777 and selecting option number 1 or you may email them at hostmaster@netsol.com

See Netsol Solutions ( netsol.com ) website for further instructions.



What is a NIC handle?

Each virtual domain gets its own directory and within that directory you have a separate (personal) cgi-bin directory for that site's cgi programs execution.



Where can I register domain names outside the US?

Final Host can serve domain names other than .com, .net, .org, or .cc but the end user will be responsible to register their domain name with the proper local authority within their own country. Upon activating your account, we will provide you with an IP address that should be used on your domain application form.

Here are the steps for activating a non-US domain:

  1. Check with the agency in your country who manages domain names to obtain their registration procedures. You also need to get the proper form or template that is required for the registration.

  2. Submit your request for a Final Host domain account via our online form and use your domain name (i.e. your-name.uk or your-name.us ).

  3. Final Host will e-mail an activation notice that will include an IP address.

  4. Complete the necessary information on your domain form or template and be sure to include the IP address that was provided by Final Host.

  5. When you register with your regional NIC, you will need to supply the names and IP addresses of the nameservers which will be servicing your site. We can provide you this information at the time you place an order.


Please use our online contact form or e-mail support@finalhost.com if you have any questions.

Please refer to below links for further information :

Cayman Islands: http://www.enic.com
RIPE - Europe: http://www.ripe.net/
Asian Pacific Region: http://www.apnic.net/



Someone has registered my company's name as their domain name, what's the process for resolving my complaint?

All ICANN-accredited registrars follow a uniform dispute resolution policy. Under that policy, disputes over entitlement to a domain-name registration are ordinarily resolved by court litigation between the parties claiming rights to the registration. Once the court rules who is entitled to the registration, the registrar will implement that ruling. In disputes arising from registrations allegedly made abusively (such as "cybersquatting" and cyberpiracy"), the uniform policy provides an expedited administrative procedure to allow the dispute to be resolved without the cost and delays often encountered in court litigation. In these cases, you can invoke the administrative procedure by filing a complaint with one of the dispute-resolution service providers listed at http://www.icann.org/udrp/approved-providers.htm. For more details on the uniform dispute resolution policy, see http://www.icann.org/udrp/udrp.htm.



Is the "InterNIC" synonymous with Network Solutions, Inc.?

No. The InterNIC is a concept for an integrated network information center that was developed by several companies, including Network Solutions, in cooperation with the U.S. Government.

Under a recent agreement with the U.S. Government, Network Solutions is transitioning from the use of the word "InterNIC" in connection with its products and services. InterNIC is a registered service mark of the U.S. Department of Commerce.



I've seen names ending with two-letter combinations, i.e: uk. What are the rules for registering these names?

Two letter domains, such as .uk, .de and .jp (for example), are called country code top level domains (ccTLDs) and correspond to a country, territory, or other geographic location. The rules and policies for registering domain names in the ccTLDs vary significantly and some are reserved for use by citizens of the corresponding country. You should check with the registrar offering ccTLD registration services regarding the specific terms and conditions for registration.

Some ICANN-accredited registrars provide registration services in the ccTLDs in addition to registering names in .com, .net and .org, however, ICANN does not specifically accredit registrars to provide ccTLD registration services.



Can I mirror or park my domain name on your service?

Yes, you can register a domain name to mirror or park your account. | Park your name here | Mirror your name here




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