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E-mail FAQ Support

How can I receive my email orders securely?

Email support@finalhost.com to set up your secure email service. This service is usually done free of charge.



What does POP3 / SMTP mail servers stand for?

Post Office 3 Protocol and Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. One is used for holding email and the other is for sending out email. Make sure that your incoming POP3 server is set to mail.finalhost.com and NOT mail.yourdomain.com. You can use a traditional email client such as Microsoft® Outlook®, Eudora® or Netscape® Communicator as your email client.



What is E-Mail forwarding/aliasing?

Email forwarding is a way for you to have email messages that are sent to one address automatically forwarded to a different address. For example, your customers may send all of their requests for information to the email address information@yourdomain.com. You could set up your email so that all of the messages sent to that address are automatically forwarded to your personal email account at yourname@yourisp.com.

An email alias is a “virtual” email account. It enables you to use an email address that doesn’t really exist and have all the messages sent to that address routed to a real email account. 

For example, you may want to provide a link on your Web site that enables visitors to send email to the Web Master, who is really you. You can use the email alias webmaster@yourdomain.com but have the email routed to your real email account.



What is an email redirect?

It is the same as email alias/forwarding.



What is the "catch-all" function?

The catch-all function enables you to accept emails whose intended recipient does not exist in your domain. For example, let's assume you created two POP email accounts (jane@mydomain.com and info@mydomain.com) and one email alias (joe@mydomain.com that redirects to info@mydomain.com) in Members Control Panel. If someone sends an email to janedoe@mydomain.com, an account that currently does not exist, then the email will still be received.

However, a substantial disadvantage to the catch-all function is that it catches far more spam than legitimate emails.



What is an email autoresponder?

An email autoresponder sends an automated email response to each incoming message that is sent to a specific address. For example, a potential customer may send an email to sales@yourdomain.com asking for more information about some of your products. You can have the autoresponder send a prewritten message back to the customer thanking them for their interest and letting them know that a sales representative will be contacting them shortly. This feature helps you to improve your company’s image, as your customers will know right away that you have received their email and that you are responsive to their needs.

Final Host enables you to set up an autoresponder for each of your email accounts.



How do I apply a autoresponder to my email account?

use our web-based email to access, create messages, edit etc.. autoresponders yourself ..... It's Easy ! 
To create the content of the autoresponder with our web-based email program,  go to "Auto Response", write your message, forward address, save it and now your done. Your autoresponder messages can be modified at any time.

If you wish a member of our support staff to set up your autoresponders for you please email - support@finalhost.com



Can I raise my email quota?

Yes, If you wish to raise your quota beyond that allowed by web based email manager, send an email to support@finalhost.com with your domain name and new quota request. Your quota will be raised if your plan size/amount of space allows. In some cases clients need to upgrade their account to increase email quotas.



Do you support CDONTS, CDO, Simple Mail, IMAP, SMTP?

Yes, Final Host supports all: CDONTS, CDO, IMAP, SIMPLE MAIL& SMTP



Do you Provide Spam, Spyware, Virus filtering?

Yes the best in spam, spyware, virus scanning technology. Final Host deploys Barracuda scanning software which provides spam, virus and spyware protection keeping your email spam, spyware and virus-free. All incoming email messages are automatically scanned to detect for viruses, spyware and to determine if the message meets specially defined "spam criteria." Better than spam assassin a freeware program most hosts use.

No other solution works better then our spam email scanner, return control back to your mailbox where it belongs spam free! 

Imagine being able to read your important email without sifting through all that annoying spam & worse. Included free for 1 year with hosting plan.


Can I use any email program to retrieve email from Final Host?

All web hosting plans are compatible with standard Email clients or Email retrieving programs. You may use Microsoft Outlook Express, Eudora Pro, Eudora Light, Netscape Mail or many other Email clients to retrieve your Email from your email server.

All Email clients will require you to fill in a number of required fields in order for them to access your virtual server. In order to access your Email, you should look for your Email clients' "Preferences" or "Settings", and fill in a number of the following fields: your SMTP Server, your POP3 Server, your Email address, your Email/POP3/User Login and your Email Password. For more details on how to fill in these fields, consult your server configuration letter which is sent to all new owners of Final Host, or visit this page in Members Control Panel.


I want to send my customers information on a regular basis. Can I set up a mailing list?

Yes. Final Host offers a tool called “LISTSERV” that enables you to create and manage mailing lists. For each mailing list you create, LISTSERV creates a Web page that your site’s visitors can use to subscribe to and unsubscribe from lists. LISTSERV provides other features such as archiving, mail-to-news gateways, integrated bounce handling.

You can create and manage your LISTSERV mailing list by web based control. Final Host User Guide provides detailed instructions for using LISTSERV.


Is there a limit to the number of messages I can have in my mail box?

So long as an email account remains below its size quota (for example, it's 50 MB on the Stream Line Plan), there is no limit to the number of messages.

If you would like to increase your email account's quota, then Email support@finalhost.com.


What is the maximum size for an email attachment?

You can send and receive attachments up to 10 MB in size, as long as this does not cause your mail box to exceed the email account quota as determined by your plan. 

The mail server limits all outgoing and incoming emails to 10 MB.

If you would like to increase your email attachment quota, please email support@finalhost.com.


How do I set up my email account? What information do I need?

When you first activate your Final Host account, one default email account is already set up for you. Usually, this will be in the format webmaster@yourdomainname.com. This email account is associated with your Master User account. You can view the details of this account in the Web Based Control Panel using, mail.finalhost.com

If your plan includes multiple email accounts, you can set these up in the Web Based Control Panel as well. The User Guide provides step-by-step instructions for creating and modifying email accounts.

If you would like to create additional email accounts, you can do so from within the Web Based Control Panel. If you do not know how or want to set up your own email accounts Final Host technical support will do this for you in the Members Control Panel under Email Administration.


I need more email accounts, how much do they cost?

you can either upgrade your hosting plan or pay for a block of 10 POP3 email accounts @ $10.00 per month.


Can I receive secure orders via email?

Yes,  clients have access to collect all their private data, passwords, and credit card transactions through our secure server. All private information is collected and encrypted by either VeriSign or Thawte authentication depending upon the server you are on. Secure e-Commerce orders are received by our secure server and may be downloaded only by, user ID and password. Secure 'email notification transactions' are included in many of our web hosting plans. To set up your secure area contact, support@finalhost.com



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