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Internet Marketing FAQ

Do You Include Free Registration To The Search Engines In Your Marketing?

Yes, Final Host will register your website with 650+ search engines as a free complimentary marketing service when you sign up for your hosting plan. 



Do You Offer Free Meta Tag Analysis?

Yes, Final Host offers this as a free complimentary service. If you wish to change your meta tags as suggested after analysis, you can either do it yourself or have one of our search engine specialists do it for you, the charge is: $10.00 per webpage. Don't know what meta tags are ... look here.



Do you Offer A Search Engine Optimization Service?

Yes, we offer search engine optimization. Final Host marketers will optimize your websites potential making it a viable marketing tool in today's world wide web. Final Hosts search engine support staff will analyze, critique and offer ways to improve your website by utilizing the use of meta tags, title tags, image tags and others to improve the visibility of your site.  This service is free for suggestions however; if you wish our staff to implement the changes to your website it is at a fee, $12.00 per webpage.



I Don't Have Time To Market My Website, Can Anything Be Done?

Yes, Final Host's Marketers can do everything for you, beyond developing targeted keywords, keyword phrase campaign for your site, we can begin from the ground up by, building you a search engine friendly site or, take a website that is already designed  and improve it to expand it's marketing potential. We will supply you with, keyword / phrase improvements and search engine results monitoring the progress of your website providing you with SEO reports advising you where your site ranks. We guarantee higher placement or this service is free.

No set up fees!

For a site that is already designed & needs search engine design improvement, the fee for this service is $12.00 per page.
Monthly Monitoring And Reports: $35.00 per month you can cancel this service at anytime if you wish to stop your SEO campaign.

For a site that needs web design, the fee varies depending upon your web design requirements. Email: Free Web Design Quotes & Rates
Monthly Monitoring And Reports: $35.00 per month you can cancel this service at anytime if you wish to stop your SEO campaign.



What Is Google Adsense & Can You Add It To My Website?

Google Adsense is a way to earn revenue by placing relevant ads on your website, and .... yes, we can add & optimize Google Adsense code to your website. AdSense delivers Google ads relevant to the information on your web pages and pays you for each click on the ad. The more clicks generated, the more money you make! The fee to add Google Adsense to your page (s) is $1.00 per webpage.



Does Final Host Offer A Tool I Can Use To Run An Email Marketing Campaign?

Yes, Final Host offers what is called a LISTSERV which is included free with "Silver Dollar" & above hosting plans. All emails sent from your LISTSERV is restricted to "opt in" (signed up) customers only, as it is illegal to send unsolicited email which is called "spam". You can add an "opt in" email campaign to your website by adding a i.e: radio button where customers or potential customers can check that they wish to join your news letter, website news etc.... Our LISTSERV can creates lists, customized and target mailings of your choice, compose, edit, delete and read mail lists live online.



Does Final Host Sell Email Lists?

No, there are companies that do sell targeted email lists. Be sure they are reputable companies and please put the research into the company's background that you do choose. Try here for any complaints, http://fraud.org, Federal Trade Commission & US Consumer Gateway regarding the company you are looking into because there are many that are scams & will sell out dated and non-existent email addresses on their lists.



Do You Offer Detailed  Website Traffic, Reporting & Analytics?

Yes, we offer, "Real Rime Statistics Server" free with our hosting plans "Intermediate Business Hosting" & above. Our Statistics Server is far more than just another log analyzer. It analyzes Web site traffic in "Real-time" and generates "Live Stats" reports in an easy to use Web interface. It includes many specialty reports and up to 1 full year of historical data that can be queried live 24/7. It will provide all the traffic reporting tools that you'll need! 

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Do You Offer "Link Popularity" Campaign Relevant To My Websites Content?

Yes, firstly, "Link Popularity" means, the quantity and quality of sites that link to your site from various search engines such as Google, MSN, HotBot, etc. Many search engines use Link Popularity as a factor for determining page rank. Final Host will create a targeted campaign for your website and provide quality links to & from your website. A report will be issued to you regarding who is linking to your site so you can verify all information. The fee for this service is based on blocks of 10 for example: 10 website link ups:  $35.00 (fee includes time per hour for link ups)



Does My Website Have To Be Hosted With You To Use These Services?

No & Yes, we can help you with any service listed here however; it will not be free. Only those that host with us receive our complimentary services free.n If you wish to use our statistics server, search engine submission, meta tag analysis, LISTSERV etc.. feel free to email us for prices.


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