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Domain Name FAQ
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Client Support, Domain Name FAQ             

Domain Name FAQ Support

What Is The Procedure For A New Domain?

When an account is activated with a new domain name, we will automatically setup your domain name on our web server & DNS servers. Network Solutions charges a domain name fee, however to register through us is free. Be sure to use your company/your contact for administration and billing information. Payment must be made by credit card at the time of purchase. If you wish to pre-register your domain name the URL is:




What does it mean to "register" a domain name?

The Internet domain name system (DNS) consists of a directory, organized hierarchically, of all the domain names and their registered companies and persons. In order for visitors to access your site on the Internet, you must select a unique domain name and register it with an accredited domain name registrar. When you register a domain name, it will be associated with the the Internet you designate during the period the registration is in effect. Final Host offers domain registration.



Will my name and contact information be publicly available?

Yes. Information about who is responsible for domain names is publicly available to allow rapid resolution of technical problems and to permit enforcement of consumer protection, trademark, and other laws. The registrar will make this information available to the public on a "Whois" site.



When do I have to pay for my domain name?

Before your domain name becomes active, you must provide a credit card number. This requirement enhances the availability of domain names by preventing them from being tied up by persons not intending to pay for registration.



Can I change registrars after registering a domain name?

Yes, you may change the registrar sponsoring your domain name at any time more than sixty days after initial registration. For details on the transfer process, contact the registrar you would like to assume sponsorship of the registration.



How can I transfer an existing domain name?

IIf you are leaving your registration with your current registrar but want to move your domain to Final Host and use our Web hosting services, you will need to change your current nameserver information to Final Host information. You can log on to your registrar's systems and transfer the domain name yourself using the user name and password they assigned you.

Log in to your registrar's site using the user name and password they provided you and change your current nameserver information to Final Host nameserver information. You can find your Final Host nameserver information here.



Can I access my domain name with & without the WWW?

Yes, you will be able to access the domain name with or without the WWW in front. For example, you can access your site by going to "www.your-domain.com" as well as "your-domain.com".



How do I register NON-US domains?

Although Final Host welcomes and currently hosts many international domains, we do not register international domains. Although the process may vary slightly from country to country, there are several basic steps you should take to register an international domain name.

First, check with the appropriate domain registration agency to verify that your new domain name is available.

Second, check to see whether the domain registration agency for your country requires an account to be created on Final Host servers before they will proceed with the domain registration procedure. 

If so, submit your order to Final Host before requesting the registration of your domain name. We will then email to you important information about your account, including your Web address (IP address) and information about nameservers and their Internet addresses. This is the information typically required by your country's domain registration agency to register the domain. 

You should wait 48 to 72 hours between receipt of your order confirmation from Final Host and submission of your domain registration request in order to allow time for the nameserver information to propagate.

Here are a few International domain registrars:

Internic: http://www.uninett.no/navn/domreg.html
Cayman Islands: http://www.enic.com
Asian Pacific Region: http://www.apnic.net/
RIPE - Europe: http://www.ripe.net/
Singapore: http://www.nic.net.sg



What is propagation?

When visitors type your domain name into their Web browsers, their request is referred to a nameserver that indicates the physical location (the IP address) of your domain on the Internet. When your site location changes to a new IP address, or when you deploy a new site with a new domain name, nameservers around the world must be notified of the change. This process of notification is referred to as propagation.

Propagation typically takes 24 to 48 hours. During this time, if you are transferring your domain, some nameservers will still refer to your site’s old location while nameservers that have already been notified of the change will refer to the new location. As a result, visitors accessing your site may be directed to either the old or new location, depending upon which nameserver they connect to.

If some visitors are still being directed to your old site location after 48 hours have elapsed, you should contact your previous Internet Presence Provider and request that they update their DNS and delete your domain from their servers. Once this has been done, and this change has been completely propagated, the transfer to your new location will be complete.

If your site is new, your site may not be recognized by all nameservers until the propagation period has completed.

During the propagation period, you will need to use your Temporary URL to upload files and view your site. You  temporary URL will be assigned to you after you have ordered.



Someone has registered my company's name as their domain name, what's the process for resolving my complaint?

All ICANN-accredited registrars follow a uniform dispute resolution policy. Under that policy, disputes over entitlement to a domain-name registration are ordinarily resolved by court litigation between the parties claiming rights to the registration. Once the court rules who is entitled to the registration, the registrar will implement that ruling. In disputes arising from registrations allegedly made abusively (such as "cybersquatting" and cyberpiracy"), the uniform policy provides an expedited administrative procedure to allow the dispute to be resolved without the cost and delays often encountered in court litigation. In these cases, you can invoke the administrative procedure by filing a complaint with one of the dispute-resolution service providers listed at http://www.icann.org/udrp/approved-providers.htm. For more details on the uniform dispute resolution policy, see http://www.icann.org/udrp/udrp.htm.



Someone  is already using the domain name I want. Is there anything I can do?

Once a domain name is registered, it belongs to the person or company that registered it. If you are really interested in having a domain name that is already registered to someone else, you can contact the owner of the domain name to find out if the name is for sale or you can wait for the registration to expire.



Can I have more than one name? Can they both point to the same website?

You can have as many domain names as you like. You can have each domain name point to a different site, or you can have multiple domain names point to the same website (but not to different pages within the same website). Many companies register several domain names and have them all point to the same central Web site. This is known as a “domain alias.”

Registering multiple domain names for the same site not only brings the largest draw to your site but it also can prevent competitors from poaching your potential customers. When picking multiple domain names—or aliases—for the same site, consider variations of your name such as common misspellings as well as both singular and plural versions of the name.



I want to reserve my name, but I'm not ready for my site, what are my options?

You have a number of different options. If you think you may want to get your site up and running in the near future, you can go ahead and register your name and sign up for a hosting plan now. You will receive a parking page that all your site's visitors will see until you are ready to publish your site.

If you think it may be a while before you are ready to publish your site, or if you want to reserve your name "just in case," you can select a plan that offers only domain name registration. With this plan, your domain is registered so that no one else can use it, but you do not have to pay for a complete Web hosting plan. This is sometimes referred to as "parking" your domain. You can also select a domain name registration plan that provides you with several email accounts as in our web-based email plan. If you decide you want to go ahead and publish a Web site later, you can quickly upgrade your plan. If you are already a client go to http://members.finalhost.com to park your new name automatically.



How can I avoid downtime while waiting for name propagation?

While waiting for the new nameserver information to propagate throughout the Internet, we recommend maintaining your site at your current host to avoid down time for your site. During this time, you can use the temporary Web address (URL) that we gave you to mirror your Web site on Final Host servers until the transfer is complete.

If your site is new, you can use your temporary URL to begin publishing your Web site while you wait for the propagation period to complete.



My site's not showing up when I type in my domain name. What’s wrong?

If you have recently set up your account, this probably means that your domain name has not been propagated to all of the possible domain nameservers. 

Test your domain by typing your temporary Web address in a Web browser. If you can access your site using the temporary Web address (URL), wait a day or two for the propagation period to complete. If after 48 hours the domain name still does not resolve correctly, contact Final Host support at support@finalhost.com

You should also check that you have given your home page a valid file name (such as index.htm or default.htm) and that you uploaded the files to the correct directory. For more information on these types of problems, please select from the index menu regarding, Publishing Your Web Site FAQ or members refer to http://members.finalhost.com/support-help.asp



My registrar requires that I go online to transfer my domain. What information do I need to give them?

You will need to provide your current registrar with Final Host nameserver information. You can find your Final Host nameserver information by reading our "how to transfer your website" file. 




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