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Reseller Hosting FAQ

How much does it cost to become a reseller?

Nothing, none, free !

There are no setup fees or minimum sign-up requirements to become a Final Host reseller.



How does your reseller plan work?

When you become a Final Host member you can resell web space loaded with superior features to your clients at whatever price you think is fair. Our pricing structure is the best available and even your clients will be able to have resellers and still do very well. This plan makes you a full web hosting provider with minimal investment. All your clients will be hosted on our servers with OC-3 speed and best of al,l you contact us for your client support so you don't have to have much expertise at running  your own hosting business.



How is billing handled?

Final Host will bill you for all your reseller accounts per month, quarterly or annually depending upon your clients wishes. You will in turn bill your clients accordingly. If you have any questions email: billing@finalhost.com



How is domain name registration handled?

There's a resellers section you will be given access to in the members area upon account sign up, in this area you will fill out a form to submit your new reseller domain for setup on our servers. Set up is done as soon as your account information is received, login information will be sent to you quickly and then, you will send that information off to your client . Though we don't directly interact with internic (domain name registration), you will find simple on-line forms that we maintain and keep current to make submissions easily and quickly for your clients. You can earn extra cash from the registrars for simply putting a search script on your website for your clients to find a domain name if you wish we will be more than happy to assist you. 



How do I add features for my clients?

In the members control panel you will find " Sign up account features" form to make submissions of all add-ons or simply just drop us an email: support@finalhost.com with your customers requirements.



Do you handle international domains?

Yes, we currently house domains from other countries, and can house any valid extension. We don't provide forms to register these domains, but there is a resource page linking to most registration services around the world.



How do I add more webspace?

To add more webspace you would choose the reseller package with as much disk space as you require - i.e.: Platinum Plus -1.5 GB space. You can divvy up your webspace as you see fit at any price you wish to charge your customers. To add more space you can simply sign up for a new account with as much webspace as required. We also can charge by block of 10,  $1.00 per 10 mb. ( It is cheaper to buy in bulk) For more information email: sales@finalhost.com



How do I divide my webspace?

That is up to you. You can designate the amount of disk space usage for clients and charge them according to your rates.



Who takes care of my clients technical support questions & issues?

You, simply direct your support questions to us and we will answer your clients questions quickly  then, we will email the answers back to you and then you in turn email the answers back to your clients. Technical support will be provided to you with technical things as; server set up, real audio & video set up, live statistics set up etc.. for your clients.



Is there a 30 day money back guarantee for resold accounts?

Yes, this is applicable to all our hosting services.



Does the reseller account come with it's own cgi-bin directory?

Each virtual domain gets its own directory and within that directory you have a separate (personal) cgi-bin directory for that site's cgi programs execution.



Is it possible for every customer to get a e-mail like "admin@yourcustomername.com"?

Yes, you can setup email using your clients domain name. You may use aliases/forwards using email addresses like "sales@yourcustomersdomain.com. If you choose the "Gold Star" hosting account for example, you are assigned 40 POP3 email accounts. To access email on Final Host servers you can use our web-based email program or any email program you or your customers wish to send & retrieve mail from.



Can I offer the free shopping cart?

YES - however, this is only offered in the 'Silver Dollar Plan - $15.95 per month' and above accounts. You may charge your clients what you wish for this e-commerce plan. All services on Final Host can be resold by you.



Can I host domains in the subdirectory of my master account?

Yes, you may use your space as you please and house a client in a sub directory with the URL http://yourdomain.com/your-client/ which is free, but,  if your client requires his/her own personal FTP access to the sub directory an additional FTP Login account is fee based - $5.00 per password & user ID.



Can additional domains be pointed to my main domain?

Yes, we can point additional domains to your main domain. Read about mirrorsite hosting / domain pointers here



Will my clients search engine registration service be free?

Yes, we will not charge you or your clients for our search engine registration service !



Can I copy information from your website to mine?

Any content such as pricing graphs and feature definitions may be used freely on your website. Our graphics and the contents of each page off the main we do not permit duplication of. If you have a specific materials your looking to utilize and not sure if it falls under usable content, please email our admin dept for authorization.



What is a MX and CNAME record?

A CNAME is an alias for a real domain name. Thus, if luvyou.com is a CNAME for luv.com, accessing howluv.com would be the same as accessing luv.com. That is, you would arrive at the same place. CNAME's, however, do not have their own server space or userid's. You cannot send mail to an address at a CNAME. CNAME's must also be registered with a domain registration agency in order to resolve.

MX records specify a list of hosts that are configured to receive mail sent to a domain name. Every host that receives mail should have an MX record, if one is not found at the time the mail is delivered, an MX value will be imputed with a cost of 0 and a destination of the host itself.



Does Final Host provide www dial-up access?

No, You will need local internet access in order to maintain your web site and to retrieve email addressed to your site. Final Host does not have hundreds of modems congesting our clients connectivity to their websites, this ensures our customers with fast loading websites and devotes more time to our customers individual hosting requirements.



Do you supply antispam, spyware & virus protection?

Yes, Final Host  offers antispam, spyware and virus protection for you and your clients, free for one year. If you wish to keep this service thereafter it is $60.00 per year, no service fee.



May my clients host adult websites?

Absolutely Not. Our Acceptable Use Policy apply equally to all accounts - your main reseller account as well as the accounts of your customers.




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