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FTP Site Manager FAQ Support

What does FTP Site Manager do?

FTP Site Manager displays the directory structure of your web site (somewhat like Windows Explorer). While browsing the directory you can add new TXT, HTML or ASP files, delete any file, and get a code listing of any TXT, HTML or ASP file. Also, you can change the text in any TXT, HTML or ASP file. You can edit existing code or write new ASP or HTML files all from your browser without any additional software.

FTP Site Manager can load text data and can also create and delete folders.



Is FTP Site Manager a new development environment?

No. You should continue to use your existing development tools. But FTP Site Manager can help solve many of your web site support problems.



How much does FTP Site Manager cost?

Nothing. Nada. Zero. It's free.



How secure is FTP Site Manager?

FTP Site Manager is secure all that's needed is your password and ID to begin editing files. 

Windows Login

The user is requested enter a Windows login username and password. Once authenticated, the user is allowed access.

When using the WIndows login security method, FTP Site Manager does its job running as the authenticated user. To sign up for Site Man please send an email to support@finalhost.com


The user is requested to type a password, which is compared to a single stored password. If the two passwords match, a cookie is set and the user is allowed access.

When using password/cookie security, FTP Site Manager does its job running as the same user as IIS. You'll need to be sure that the web site folders and files have the right permissions to allow FTP Site Manager to do what it does.

Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a0046'

Permission denied

/siteman.asp, line xxx

If you see this error, your Windows login need to be changed, or you need to sign up for this service.



How do I install FTP Site Manager, how do I edit a page ?

Nothing to install! Run the page by typing its URL using your web browser. Point, click to open file, that simple!




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