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VIP Reseller Hosting Program

Our worldwide reseller service can't be beat for complete services and support, we GUARANTEE IT !
Contact us to discuss your company’s needs and how Final Host can help.

Reseller Overview
There are no reseller quotas to fulfill, begin reselling right away! Reseller pricing includes an additional 2 months free when paying annually -- Sign up for your main hosting plan & start receiving your resellers discounts immediately.

 As a Final Host Internet Services Affiliate / Reseller, you can act as reseller of our web hosting services, and significantly enhance your own company's products, services, and income. Our Program is specifically geared for individuals and companies that are in the business of building websites, and providing value-added Internet services. You must already be a client of Final Host to resell space and adhere to the policies of Final Host Internet Services.
Affiliate Hosting - is "word of mouth" program, "sign up a friend", and receive an additional month free hosting!

Eliminate High Costs
By taking advantage of our advanced Windows® hosting solutions, our Reseller Program enables you to resell our services to your clients at prices that are both fair to them and profitable for you. You are free to manage your accounts the way you want, set your own prices, and you can utilize all of the features of our web, email, database and DNS servers. This allows you to concentrate on your own business, while providing your clients with with reliable, hassle free, turnkey hosting solutions.

As an authorized Final Host Internet Services Reseller, you can :
  • Increase your revenues by adding web/database/email hosting services to your current menu of Internet-related design and development services.
  • Reduce or eliminate the high cost of operating your own servers / mail /database / secure server and DNS servers, as well as the professional staff needed to maintain and administer them.
  • Provide a complete array of services to your customers and begin offering them total, turnkey hosting solutions.
  • Set your own prices and establish rates that are specific to your own locale, existing customers and target markets.
Shared Reseller Hosting Discount Levels Chart

Services Monthly Rates Reseller Discounts
Web Mail $5.00 per block of 10 accounts 5%
Intermediate Hosting $10.95 - $23.95 (Stream Line to Gold Star) 20%
Professional Hosting $39.95 - $59.95 (Platinum to Platinum Plus) 30%

How The Reseller Program Works
Discount Pricing -- As a "Final Host Reseller", you retain the right to re-sell our hosting services at any price you wish. Our web hosting plans will be sold to you at discounted package rates. 

No Setup Fees -- As a Reseller, you will not be charged hosting plan setup fees, and you will receive priority service for new websites that you wish to setup. The 'no-setup-fee' value applies to all Final Host's hosting plans, database hosting plans. You may continue to charge your own clients a setup fee - the choice is yours.

About Billing -- Under the normal terms of our reseller program, Final Host will remain anonymous for each account you set up. This allows you to promote your company and re-sell hosting services under your name. In this case, we will send bill statements directly to you, and not to your customers. Alternatively, for a small fee, we can negotiate arrangements to have the bills sent directly to your customers.

Technical Support -- Under the normal terms of our reseller program, you will be the first point of contact for your clients. You can then directly contact our technical support for those technical support issues you need assistance with. We will provide the answers which you can use to assist your clients.

How To Apply
After you have applied for your main account, simply fill out our online Reseller Application Form. When your application is received one of Final Host's representatives will provide you with a Program Referral Number, which you will use to establish new accounts for your clients.

All reseller hosting comes with all service options **

 Require More Information Regarding Our Reseller  Program? Email: Reseller Support

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CLIENT COMMENT: JJASON MILLER OF KAMIKAZEGRAPHICS BUREAU "This is just a quick note to thank you for the speed of your customer service, and the speed of your servers. Not only does your server FLY when hitting it from a web browser, but I'm able to edit with extremely high speed as well. That puts you miles ahead of my previous hosting solution... All of my End Client Comment future web projects will find a home at Final Host. Well done!"

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