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Index: Website Promotion

Contains HTML tips, guides to forms, CSS, Java, CGI, image tools, image galleries, website management tools and more!

Resource Guide To - Designing & Maintaining Your Website

Index 4: Email List Services

Sound Advice: "While placing an e-mail ad in a newsletter or buying an opt-in e-mail list may go a long way toward customer acquisition, the work of e-mail marketing is not done once you get the traffic. Now its time to get the e-mail address of that visitor and let the post-acquisition phase of marketing by e-mail take over".
** Remember: whether you are in the content or e-commerce business, your site needs to have a newsletter to promote new features, updates, new product offerings to keep customers coming back!


  • TMX Communications - Many of the Fortune 500 entrust TMX with their most challenging communication
    assignments. ... We want TMX to be your Innovation Agency. 

  • Direct Media - offering direct marketers list brokerage, list management, co-operative databases, e-mail campaign management, interactive marketing.

  • Adrea Rubin Marketing, Inc. - list management and brokerage company.

  • America On The Move - for small and mid-sized businesses for both consumer and business use.

  • American List Counsel - Mailing lists that deliver virtually every business, professional and consumer in the country, categorized by demographic and psychographic data.

  • Best Mailing Lists, Inc. - assists marketers in promoting their product or service using compiled and response lists.

  • Centrus Online - offering an online data delivery system to select and download mailing lists.

  • CIO Communications, Inc. - target IT Executives with the power to buy.

  • DAJ Direct - broker and consultant specializing in work at home, MLM, and other money making opportunities.

  • Direct Channel - brokers and managers of mailing lists, for rent or purchase, in the U.S. and Canada.

  • Lists now - offering online selection and immediate downloads of geographically and demographically targeted US business and consumer mailing and telemarketing lists.

  • - Specialty Business Lists and Directories for aiding businesses striving to increase their visibilty and customer awareness.

  • Goldata - supplies you with a targeted list of IBM-PC users.

  • Hippo Direct
  • JW Direct - mailing list segmentation service that focuses on regression analysis and other predictive modeling tools.

  • List Bank, The - covering Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

  • List Broker

  • List Werks - offers technology lists.

  • Mar-Cohen Publishing - offering MLM's and opportunity seekers mailing lists with or without phone numbers.

  • MarketScan

  • Mascor Publishing - home-based business opportunity featuring more than 650 titles - free 64-page catalog available. Distributors save up to 80%. Mail order mailing lists.

  • Names in the News/California Inc. - mailing list consultants for non-profit organizations
  • NCRI List Management

  • New Neighbors Contact Service - specializing in lists of new residents for pizza shops and churches.

  • Pinpoint Technologies - selling mailing lists for engineering, scientific and environmental firms.

  • Potomac Lists - provides direct mail address lists.

  • SA Willy Braillard NV

  • Teleconnect, Inc. - specializes in business and consumer mailing lists and marketing.

  • TopList - multiple databases organized by product or state.

  • Write Response, The - education mailing list supplier.

  • Ziegenhorn Tourism Database - Special addresses and mailing lists for the tourism industry.

  • Zip Code Database - monthly updated database of all US zip codes, with demographic information.

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