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Index: Website Promotion

Contains HTML tips, guides to forms, CSS, Java, CGI, image tools, image galleries, website management tools and more!

Resource Guide To - Designing & Maintaining Your Website

Index 2: Marketing / Media Services

American Journalism Review

The American Journalism Review has links to more than 9,000 media outlets worldwide.

The site provides links to newspapers, magazines, broadcasters, and news services. The newspaper links include college newspapers, alternative papers, business papers, and specialty publications.

The magazine links are broken down by subject area, and include a list of magazine publishers.

Broadcast networks from the US and around the world are included.


Gebbie Press

The Gebbie Press Media Directory has more than 10,000 links to the print and electronic media.

Use of the TV and weekly newspapers databases at Gebbie Press is free. In addition to links, the site offers the e-mail addresses of more than 3,000 radio and television stations.

Gebbie's All-in-One media directory is available for $90. On disk, there are three sets: TV/Radio, Daily/Weekly Newspapers, and Trade/Consumer publications, for $100 each, or $270 for all three sets. Mailing labels addressed to media outlets are also available.


Media Resources

Media Resources provides an online media directory containing profiles on thousands of Web sites to help agencies and business find Internet advertising and marketing opportunities for their target market in any given campaign.

The database-driven research system allows users to easily find and compare online advertising and marketing opportunities to best suit any given campaign.

Users type in criteria and instantly search thousands of media profiles representing a broad spectrum of online advertising and marketing opportunities. The system then provides detailed profiles for each match and even creates evaluation reports to help compare information among records.



MediaMap offers media dossiers on more than 20,000 media contacts and their publications.

The MediaMap profiles are complete with phone, fax, e-mail, work preferences, and PR preferences. The profiles also include editorial calendars with data on more than 120,000 scheduled stories per year.

MediaMap Online is a public relations solution that integrates MediaMap's media profile information, a direct link to media contacts' editorial content, and OneLink, a four-channel press release distribution service of wire, fax, e-mail, and mail. The online service offers more than 5,500 media contacts in the US computer, electronics, Internet, and telecommunications industries. MediaMap online also contains contact information including phone, fax, e-mail, URL, and PR preferences. It also offers the ability to search an archive of more than 6,000 publications from Dow Jones Reuters Business Interactive; the ability to share lists and notes with colleagues; twice weekly updates for the most accurate information; and an easy-to-use interface.


Parrot Media Network

The Parrot Media Network's database has listings and contact information for media outlets throughout the world.

The database has more than 2,000 commercial television stations stations, 2,000 radio stations, 500 newspapers, 200 TV group owners and reps, and 1,500 cable systems.

The information is available online on a subscription basis or can be purchased on disk. Web site subscription range from $49.95 per month to $2995.00 per month.

The AdStop

The AdStop is an online directory where potential advertisers can find sites that accept advertising, agencies, opt-in e-mail, networks, and promotion tips. was designed to help media buyers, advertisers, marketers, and site owners easily compare Internet advertising opportunities. The site's directory is set up similar to Yahoo and other Internet directories, breaking down sites by their content.

The site also offers information on site promotions such as games and contests, online courses for Web design and development, and search engine tips.



Companies that distribute your press releases to reporters.

Business Wire

Business Wire inputs, formats and electronically transmits news releases via satellite directly into the computer systems of media outlets around the world.

Among those receiving Business Wire releases are the local, regional, national or global print, television, radio, consumer and business magazines, and wire services.

Business Wire also offers full-text distribution to more than 500 commercial and research services, trade media in more than two dozen industry segments, financial online services and databases, news sections of Internet search engines, Web sites and service providers.

Optional custom services include custom fax / e-mail lists, targeted investor relations services, visuals and graphics, custom Web services, and targeted media distribution.


Internet News Bureau

Internet News Bureau is a subscription-based e-mail press release distribution service. It distributes news tips only to journalists who have subscribed to the service.

The INB Aggregate List (A-List) includes 1,300+ journalists who subscribe to receive Web-related material. INB consolidates its news into the daily INB Press Release Digest.

The Digest features the highpoints of each day's releases in a single e-mail message. It includes an abstract of each release (the first paragraph) along with a hyperlinked autoresponder that journalists can click to receive the full text of a press release immediately via e-mail.

In addition to the A-List, INB offers Target Modules that enable you to reach journalists who cover other topics and industries, and Custom Media Relations services for expanding media exposure beyond INB subscribers.

INB also accepts releases related to high-quality Web sites, software/tech products and online events.

The INB Daily Digest, combined with an autoresponder, enables INB to monitor which journalists have requested a full release. Press releases distributed by INB are posted on a Recent Releases page for two weeks, and permanently added to our online searchable archives. Archived pages are indexed by the major search engines, and often come up very high for relevant keyword queries. This provides long-term residual exposure for your press release.

Cost for INB A-List distribution is $225 per release (500 words maximum). Attachments are not permitted, and releases are distributed as straight text with no special formatting. INB also offers writing services for $250 per release. INB also provides Custom Media Relations services for clients who want to expand their media exposure beyond INB subscribers.


Market Wire

Market Wire, Inc. has been providing online press release distribution since 1994. Among the companies that use Internet Wire are AOL, Digital Equipment Corp., EDS, Hitachi, Kodak, Panasonic, Texas Instruments, and Xerox.

Internet Wire offers worldwide distribution to more than 9,000 technology media via e-mail. Also included in the distribution are:

  • Top daily & national newspapers
  • Premier technology and business periodicals
  • Major television, radio outlets and industry user groups
  • Additional delivery via PointCast, NetCaster, Active Channels and WorldFlash
  • Syndication on news sites around the Web.
  • Distribution to opt-in user lists
There are no word-count restrictions or membership fees on Internet Wire, and all submissions get automatic posting and linking for 90 days on the Internet Wire site.

Daily Debuts from Internet Wire is a Web site announcement service designed to get maximum exposure for a site at minimal cost. It includes:

  • Full distribution on Internet Wire
  • Distribution to end user email list
  • Inclusion in NetLinks archive
Internet Wire's ExpertNet will place a company's leading experts and speakers on the Web. Internet Wire actively markets experts' biographical information to top industry reporters and hundreds of trade show representatives, and posts the information (including photo) on its Web site for a full year.


M2 Presswire

The M2 Presswire claims to be the third largest electronic press release distribution service in the world.

Members pay an annual membership fee, and do not pay by the release, the number of words, or the number of people they reach.

The annual membership costs $160 (100) for unlimited use by a company (PR companies pay per client). Users pay the same fee if they send one release a day, one a week, or even one a year.

M2 allows free services that meet certain criteria on the following areas of its site:

  • Appointment of staff
  • Environment News
  • Healthcare/Medical News
  • Internet Web site launch press releases
  • Participation at various shows and conferences



NEWSdesk is a source for news and information in the high-tech and healthcare world.

A service of PR Newswire, NEWSdesk delivers an extensive, quality and constantly expanding membership base of accredited journalists and industry analysts. By operating a closed Web site, NEWSdesk ensures that the audience remains targeted and current.

A combination of Web profiling techniques and e-mail facilities enables users to create their own individual news service according to their particular areas of interest. Instead of there being just one NEWSdesk - each user can have an individual service tailored to their requirements. As news breaks, relevant headlines are proactively e-mailed to users' desktops or laptops on an around-the-clock basis.

NEWSdesk also serves as an essential information gathering tool - carrying breaking news releases, company and product background information, case studies, white papers, biographies, photos - and even video clips and radio soundbytes - from many companies in one centralized place. As well as saving journalists and analysts time and energy, it also provides an overview of the industry as a whole from both the big and the small players.


PR Newswire;jsessionid=C5D3AC1384F8D1FBB4C44872E5AB697F.tomcat2

PR Newswire offers coverage of the general media, industry publications, the financial community, and a broad range of target audiences like feature and entertainment news editors.

PR Newswire's services begin with NewsLines, but also include broadcast fax and fax-on-demand applications, delivery by e-mail, photo transmission, and Internet Services.

US NewsLines offer fast, accurate delivery of a message to media nationwide. Specialty circuits include extensive Washington, DC distribution, Feature News Service, Hispanic Media and EntertaiNet. Distribution over any NewsLine includes free transmission to all trade publications in the specified industry. There are 25 industry categories from which to choose.

All business and financial news distributed over PR Newswire includes distribution to the Investor's Research Wire free of charge. The additional distribution includes brokerage houses, securities industry trade publications, and other financial points. The IRW reaches the computers of thousands of financial professionals.

PRN's Broadcast Fax service will deliver news to hundreds of media contact lists, or, members may supply PRN with their own customized list. PR Newswire also offers e-mail distribution to a proprietary list of addresses. 


PR Web

PR Web is a press release database that allows companies to submit a release for free.

Users of PR Web may establish a user account that allows them to modify their releases after they have been submitted. PR Web's exPRess service allows users to submit releases without setting up an account, but does not allow the modification of releases.

In order to avoid spamming of the PR Web database all releases must have a minimum content length of 1,250 characters.

Other features of the PR Web site include:

  • Industry Watch - An online database of current press releases
  • List of PR Firms - Firms can be added to this page free of charge
  • PR Coach - This area features by-lined articles discussing how public relations counselors are addressing the day-to-day challenges they face
  • Resources - A list of favorite online resources
  • Automated Online Press Release Factory - An automatic press release generator

Press Release Network

Press Release Network is an electronic press release distribution service that can promote businesses on the Internet.

The media database at PRN includes more than 9,000 e-mail accounts of newspapers and magazine editors and reputable journalists. Press releases can be targeted by geography or industry. Industries include automotive, arts and entertainment, education, health, etc.

The Press Release Network Award also has an award for Excellence that is earned by sites that add value to the Internet for the Web community at large. This award is not given lightly. Only sites that exceed the criteria for content, concept, and design qualify for this recognition.

The network also has a partner program open to reputable public relations, advertising, and online marketing companies that intend to use the network's services for their clients.



Eric Ward's URLwire is a non-automated news matching service. It sends news of high-end Web launches, re-launches, Web-based events, and Web Industry happenings to Web news editors, reporters, writers, site reviewers, and news headline aggregators.

Only 5 percent of those who submit a release are actually taken by URLwire. The sites are then sent only to Web site reviewers, writers, editors, and news headline aggregators who have asked specifically for announcements for site's that fit a certain profile.

URLwire now has more than 3,000 contacts in 30 countries, none of which pay to receive the service.

Among URL's most famous announcements were the launches of Books, Virtual Vineyards, AOL, OnSale, Link Exchange,, Infobeat, Riddler, CyberGold,, and sites for Ziff-Davis, The New York Times, Microsoft, The Mining Company, and Hewlett-Packard.

URLwire announcements are received by contacts such as the Yahoo Picks Of The Week editors, the site reviewers at USA Today Web Picks, the news editors and reporters at CNET, ZDNet, etc.


XPress Press

Xpress Press is an e-mail information service personalizing news delivery to journalists based on their areas of coverage.

All XPress Press news releases are sent in separate messages to reporters who can quickly evaluate the content of the news, follow-up immediately by phone, or incorporate the content into working print articles, broadcasts, or Web pages.

Each press release sent through the network is a full-text version of the story. The wire distribution has a descriptive e-mail subject header so reporters can quickly evaluate the content of the release.

Xpress Press has a database of online media of all the major PR and company wires. Over 9,000 reporters covering more that 400 news beats in more than 36 countries currently subscribe to the feed.

Among the outlets in the database are:

  • National and regional US and Canadian-based daily and weekly newspapers, including the UPI and AP wire
  • International Wires and Daily Newspapers
  • Business, Trade and Consumer magazines
  • Online industry specific web sites and publications
  • Electronic business and industry specific newsletters
  • Radio and television stations including the top 25 US markets according to Arbitron rankings
  • Freelance and nationally syndicated writers, editors and columnists.
XPress also offers a number of circuits to distribute releases to, including Internet and Technology, Conventional Business News, General Interest and Feature News, and CHAT Publicity.

Custom campaigns can be planned by Xpress Press' media relations professionals.

For clients whose assignments are limited to specific news markets and do not have a technology angle, Xpress has developed MicroCircuits, smaller distribution circuits with a more affordable rate structure ($125 per distribution). MicroCircuits include:

  • Arts & Entertainment
  • Building and Construction Trades
  • Education K-12 News, Resources & Teaching
  • Family & Parentin, Women's issues
  • Financial
  • Medical Professional News and General Health
  • Travel
Xpress clients can also have their press release written by a professional writer.

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