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Index: Website Promotion

Contains HTML tips, guides to forms, CSS, Java, CGI, image tools, image galleries, website management tools and more!

Resource Guide To - Designing & Maintaining Your Website

Index 5: News Groups


Partial "Buzz" NewsGroup Listings

Remember Net Etiquette: If you wish to advertise, do it wisely !


Sample News Posting: TO: alt.anonymous

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Now For The Listings

alt.0d alt.1d alt.2d
alt.3d alt.aapg alt.abortion
alt.abuse alt.acme alt.acting
alt.activism alt.adjective alt.adoption
alt.aeffle alt.agriculture alt.airline
alt.alcohol alt.aldus alt.algebra
alt.alien alt.alt alt.alumni
alt.amateur-comp alt.american
alt.amiga alt.anagrams alt.anarchism
alt.anger alt.angst alt.animals
alt.animation alt.anonymous alt.answers alt.apocalypse
alt.appalachian alt.aquaria alt.archaeology
alt.archery alt.archimedes alt.architecture
alt.aromatherapy alt.artcom
alt.arts alt.ascii-art alt.asian-movies
alt.astrology alt.atari-jaguar alt.atari
alt.atheism alt.athiesm alt.aus
alt.babylon5 alt.bacchus alt.backrubs
alt.bad alt.baldspot alt.banjo alt.barney alt.base-jumping
alt.basement alt.bbs alt.beadworld alt.beograd alt.bigfoot alt.binaires
alt.binaries alt.birthright alt.bitch
alt.bitterness alt.blasphemy alt.bogus
alt.bonehead alt.bonsai alt.books
alt.boomerang alt.bored alt.bork
alt.bosnia alt.braces
alt.buddha alt.building
alt.buttered alt.butts alt.cable-tv
alt.cad alt.calculator alt.california
alt.callahans alt.canadian alt.captain
alt.cardgame alt.cartoon
alt.cascade alt.catastrophism alt.caving alt.celebrities alt.cellular
alt.cellular-phone-tech alt.cellular alt.censorship
alt.cereal alt.cesium alt.charlie
alt.cheese alt.chess alt.chewy
alt.child-support alt.childcare alt.chinchilla
alt.chinese alt.chips alt.christnet
alt.clearing alt.clueless alt.cobol alt.collecting
alt.comedy alt.comics
alt.comp alt.config,
alt.consciousness alt.conspiracy
alt.consumers alt.control
alt.corel alt.corporate alt.cosuard alt.cows alt.crackers
alt.cracks alt.crafts alt.crime
alt.cuddle alt.cult-movies alt.clueless
alt.culture alt.current-events alt.cybercafes
alt.cyberpunk alt.cyberspace alt.cynicism
alt.dads-rights alt.david alt.dcom
alt.dead alt.dear alt.desert-storm alt.destroy
alt.devilbunnies alt.disasters alt.discordia
alt.discrimination alt.disney alt.divination
alt.dont alt.dragons-inn alt.dreams
alt.drinks alt.drugs alt.drumcorps
alt.drunken alt.drwho alt.dss alt.duke alt.dumpster alt.elvis alt.emusic alt.engr
alt.ensign alt.etext alt.eunuchs
alt.evil alt.exotic-music alt.exploding
alt.ezines alt.fairs
alt.fandom alt.fantasy
alt.fax alt.feminazis alt.feminism
alt.fiesta-bowl alt.filesystems
alt.flame alt.floors alt.folklore
alt.foot alt.foresight
alt.fractal-design alt.frank alt.fraternity
alt.freaks alt.freedom alt.freemasonry
alt.freenet alt.french alt.fringeware alt.future alt.fyrom
alt.galactic-guide alt.gathering
alt.geek alt.gif-agreement
alt.gnn alt.gobment alt.good
alt.gopher alt.gossip alt.gothic
alt.gourmand alt.government
alt.grad-student alt.grad alt.graffiti alt.great-lakes alt.great
alt.guinea alt.guitar alt.happiness
alt.hiking alt.macintosh alt.hangover
alt.happy alt.happynet alt.hash
alt.hemoglobin alt.heraldry alt.herpes
alt.hi alt.hillary-c alt.hindu alt.history
alt.holoworld alt.home-theater alt.home
alt.home alt.horology alt.horror
alt.hotrod alt.housing
alt.human-brain alt.humor alt.hvac
alt.hygiene alt.hypertext alt.hypnosis
alt.i-like-toejam alt.icelandic alt.illinois
alt.imag alt.image alt.immortal
alt.impeach alt.india alt.individualism
alt.industrial alt.infertility
alt.inner alt.insults alt.internet
alt.inventors alt.invest alt.irc
alt.irs alt.islam
alt.japanese alt.jell-o alt.jokes
alt.journalism alt.jyotish alt.kalbo
alt.karen alt.kegs alt.ketchup alt.kind alt.lamers
alt.landscape alt.lang alt.language alt.lawyers alt.learning-to-lead
alt.left-handed alt.lefthanders alt.legend
alt.lemmings alt.lenders alt.letzebuerger
alt.literacy alt.locksmithing alt.lucky alt.lwaxana-troi
alt.lycra alt.mac alt.macedonia
alt.machines alt.mag alt.magazine
alt.magazines alt.magic alt.magick
alt.make alt.malta
alt.manufacturing alt.marketplace alt.masonic
alt.medical alt.meditation alt.mega-ego
alt.memetics alt.mens-rights alt.messianic
alt.mexico alt.military alt.mindcontrol
alt.mining alt.misanthropy alt.misc
alt.missing-adults alt.missing-kids alt.motd
alt.motherjones alt.mothersuperior alt.motorcycle alt.motss alt.movies
alt.msdos alt.mud alt.muff alt.mythology
alt.native alt.necromicon alt.neo-tech alt.netcom
alt.newbie alt.newbies alt.newgroup alt.niteclub
alt.nocem alt.noise alt.non
alt.nosebeeping alt.npractitioners alt.nuke
alt.obituaries alt.os alt.out-of-body
alt.pagan alt.pantyhose alt.parallel
alt.paranet alt.paranormal alt.parenting
alt.parents-teens alt.pave
alt.peace-corps alt.peace alt.peeves
alt.penguin-fetish alt.periphs alt.personals
alt.pets alt.philosophy
alt.phreaking alt.pinecone alt.pissed
alt.planning alt.politics alt.polyamory
alt.postmodern alt.president alt.prisons
alt.privacy alt.private alt.projectmng
alt.prophecies alt.prose alt.psst
alt.psychoactives alt.psychology alt.psychotic alt.publish
alt.pud alt.pulp alt.punk
alt.ql alt.quotations
alt.random alt.rap-gdead alt.rap
alt.rave alt.real-estate-agents
alt.rec alt.recovery alt.religion alt.religon
alt.relocate alt.revenge alt.revisionism
alt.revolution alt.rhode_island alt.rmgroup
alt.rock-n-roll alt.rodney-king alt.rodney
alt.romance alt.rush-limbaugh alt.russia
alt.rv alt.sailing alt.sad
alt.schmuck alt.schools
alt.sci alt.scooter alt.scottish alt.sega
alt.self-esteem alt.scientology alt.selfpity
alt.sewing alt.self-improve alt.shared-reality
alt.sexism alt.sf4m alt.shareware
alt.shenanigans alt.shoe alt.showbiz
alt.shut alt.sigma2 alt.silly-group
alt.silly alt.skate-board alt.skate
alt.skincare alt.skills alt.skunks
alt.sl9 alt.slack alt.smokers
alt.smouldering alt.snowmobiles alt.society
alt.soft-sys alt.solaris
alt.soulmates alt.sources alt.spam
alt.speech alt.spleen
alt.sports alt.stagecraft alt.starfleet
alt.startrek alt.steinberg alt.stephen
alt.stop alt.stories alt.students
alt.stupidity alt.suburbs alt.sufi
alt.suicide alt.super alt.supermodels alt.surfing alt.surrealism
alt.sustainable alt.svens alt.swedish
alt.sys alt.sysadmin alt.taiwan alt.tanya alt.tarot
alt.tasteless alt.teachers
alt.teens alt.telescopes alt.tequilla
alt.test alt.testing alt.thinking
alt.this alt.thought alt.thrash
alt.timewasters alt.tinygirls alt.toolkits alt.transgendered
alt.treasure alt.true-crime alt.turn alt.ucb alt.ufc
alt.ufo alt.ultra-conservatives alt.unix
alt.usa-sucks alt.usage alt.usenet
alt.utensils alt.uu alt.vacation
alt.vampyres alt.virtual-adepts alt.war alt.wares
alt.wesley alt.what alt.white_house
alt.who alt.windows95
alt.winsock alt.wired alt.wolves
alt.women alt.wonderment alt.www alt.zen alt.zima
alt.zines alt.zorch

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