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Index: Website Promotion

Contains HTML tips, guides to forms, CSS, Java, CGI, image tools, image galleries, website management tools and more!

Resource Guide To - Designing & Maintaining Your Website

Index 1: Website Marketing Essentials

Web Site Marketing Essentials
There's much more to marketing a Web site than we can possibly cover in this article. In fact, there are books and Internet discussion groups dedicated just to specific subtopics such as Internet advertising. Nevertheless, we thought it useful to provide you with an overview that you could use to help kick-start your own campaign.

The Internet is in its infancy as a marketing medium. Regardless of where you are in your work career, it's going to be with you as long you're involved in sales and marketing. We hope this essential guide helps in making your journey a success. Best of luck!

Components of a Web Site Marketing Campaign
To successfully market your Web site you need to run an on-going campaign, just as you would for a product or service. We've identified 11 components which we cover below. Not all apply to every Web site, and the emphasis on each component may vary according to your situation. They include:

  1. Announcing your Web site with Internet search engines and directories

  2. Issuing a press release

  3. Announcing in newsgroups

  4. Participating in e-mail lists

  5. Direct Mail/Email Marketing

  6. Obtaining links from other Web sites

  7. Purchasing ad banners on other Web sites

  8. Running on-site events

  9. Ways to Attract More Visitors

  10. Issuing an e-newsletter

  11. Conducting a direct e-marketing campaign

  12. Integrating your traditional marketing and sales programs

  13. Measuring your results

A bonus of running a Web site marketing campaign is that it introduces you to the advantages of using the Internet as a marketing medium for all your products and services. For example, you can send press releases to editors by e-mail, or conduct direct e-marketing campaigns that invite prospects to in-store specials.

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