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Transfer Your Existing Domain Name

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Step 1:  Download All Your FilesDownload your website files

This step is most important in getting your web site transferred from your current provider to our servers. For you to be able to transfer your web site, you must have a complete backup copy of all files on your computer. This will allow you to transfer your files from their server to ours. 

If you have already canceled your service with your old web host, and do not have a copy of your files, then the only option you have is to request a copy from them. If you are not able to get a copy of your website files, then unfortunately you are going to have to start from scratch.


Select hosting on leftStep 2:  Select A Web Hosting Plan

Whether you are transferring a simple homepage, large website or a full ecommerce website, Final Host has the web hosting plans that will fit your requirements. 

The first thing you need to do, is determine which hosting plan is right for you. For personal / small home-based businesses, our Introductory Hosting plan @ $3.95 per mo. will work best. If you have a larger business website you may need the Stream Line @ $10.95 per mo., Silver Dollar hosting plan @ $15.95 per mo.  or above.

If you are having difficulty selecting a hosting plan, you can always start with our Introductory hosting plan and upgrade to a higher service plan when your requirements change or use our comparison chart to compare the differences between our web hosting plans.

Purchase hostingStep 3:  Purchase Our Service

The next step in transferring your website, is to "Place Your Order" using our secure online order form, or you may give one of our sales representatives a call at: (250) 598-0058, Email Us, or Chat with us "live online" if you have any questions.

upload your website filesStep 4:  Upload Your Files

Once you have signed up for one of our quality hosting plans, we generally have accounts setup within minutes from the time the order is received. This is provided you have paid by credit card. Check payment and money orders will take longer to be serviced. 

When your account is activated, you may upload to your server via an FTP program, or using a website management tool such as "MS FrontPage". Your account will be assigned a temporarily address so you can upload your files immediately. You can view your website online by using your temporary address.

At the time of your order being received and approved, your domain name transfer request will be made and updated using our DNS Servers:


Your domain name will be transferred to us within 24-48 hours. Once your domain name points to our servers where your files are located, your customers will see your website by typing in your domain name.

Cancel service with old hostStep 5:  Cancel Services With Old Host

After you have accomplished the previous four steps, and you have not already canceled your service with your current web hosting provider, then we recommend doing so at this time. 

If you have not followed these steps first, you may run the risk that your current provider could take your website down before the domain name transfers to our servers therefore, you may incur domain down time.

Special Note: If you have already canceled your service with your old provider before finding our service, then we recommend proceeding to "Step Two"  to have your site transferred to our services as soon as possible.

 Require More Information Regarding Our Hosting ? Email Our Sales Department Or Technical Support

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